General Haulage Services

At Heatons we can offer a range of general haulage services to transport almost any load across the North West.

Our general haulage services include the pick-up and delivery of goods such as:

  • bricks/block
  • pallets
  • timber & general building materials
  • dry goods
  • pedestrian barriers

Contact us today to get a quote for the delivery of your goods on 07902 949778.

What we can do for you

Brick & Block

We have HIAB cranes on our vehicles that can help with the delivery of heavy materials for building sites such as bricks and blocks.


Heatons can help deliver any size of pallets to the destination of your choice. Get in touch with us on 07902 949778

General Building Materials

We can arrange for the delivery to your building site for a range of materials including, timber, bulk containers, pipes, roof tiles, bricks/blocks, scaffolding.

Dry Goods

We deliver dry goods to the various businesses including the large supermarket chains. These can include pallets of crips, biscuits, soft-drinks, canned products to name but a few. If you need any dry goods delivering please contact us today on 07902 949778